Stay Home – Stay Safe

Stay Safe – Maintain Social Distancing – Follow Basic Protective Measures – R M Labels

Another weekend is upon us. If you really have to go out don’t forget the Social Distancing rules and keep following the Basic Protective Measures – Stay Home & Stay Safe Everyone!

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Covid-19 Face Shields – Proud to help!

At this very difficult time, we are so happy to be able to help out.

In collaboration with Haverfordwest High VC School we are working on the first batch of around 3,000 face shields with hopefully more to follow.  The face shields will be distributed locally to Withybush Hospital, Care Homes and Care In The Community workers.

Wishing everyone well, please stay safe out there!

Bespoke Pipe Banding

Bespoke Pipe Banding to BS 1710:2014 and BS 4800:2011.
Self-adhesive, high quality vinyl suitable for internal or external use.
Printed to British Standard colours and cut to any width to suit all pipework diameters to comply with the British Standard pipeline width requirements.
Printed with bi-directional text that can be seen from any angle, plus arrows to indicate the direction of flow.
All on one 6 metre long length – ideal for marking up short runs of pipework.

Contact us now to order or for a quotation!

Call: 01348 804 675 or Email:

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Engraved Traffolyte Labels, Tags and Discs

Engraved Traffolyte Labels, Tags & Discs – R M Labels

Mark up all your valves, pipework and electrical consumer units with robust Traffolyte tags.

We use high quality Rigid Laminates for all our Engraved Labels, Discs and Tags. Consisting of multi layered phenolic plastic sheets bonded together, this engraving material is ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications. Traffolyte has excellent insulating properties, is extremely robust and very easy to maintain.

We have been supplying Traffolyte tags, discs and labels throughout the UK and worldwide to countless industries for more than 25 years.

We have a wide range of Traffolyte Engraving laminates available including the high quality Abet laminate, or contact us for details of the flexible Gravoply and Rowmark laminates. Traffolyte labels are also often referred to as Ivorine labels.

Order our standard valve tags, id discs and pipework labels straight from our website in a large choice of colours or contact us and we can work from your exact specifications and drawings.

We know that time is always of the essence and therefore offer the quickest turnaround possible on all orders with many being received within 1-2 working days.

Call us now on 01348 840 675 to discuss your labelling requirements!

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Pipe Identification Tapes

Over-laminated internal and external Pipe Identification Tapes for marking up pipework to the British Standard Specification BS 1710:2014.

The tapes come in various widths and when placed together can create full banding for all pipe diameters.

We currently have a special offer on our large range of internal grade 50mm wide text and directional tapes. Usually priced at £9.50 each, choose any 6 tapes and use the code IDT895 to get the discounted price of £8.95 per roll.

If you are not sure what sizes and colours are required to meet the current BS 1710:2014 standard why not give us a call on 01348 840 675 and we will be happy to help!

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas & New Year Shutdown Dates

R M Labels Limited – Christmas Shutdown Dates 2019

From 5pm on Monday, 23rd December 2019 until 9am on Thursday, 2nd January 2020.

Thanking all our lovely customers and co-workers for all your continued support this year.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year from Ray, Linda, Tash and Stefan at R M Labels Limited

A Great Race!

West Wales 500k Karting Challenge

Well done to this year’s R M Labels Karting Team. For the third year running R M Labels has taken part in the West Wales Karting 500k Challenge in aid of the local Paul Satori charity. The total amount raised at this year’s event was an amazing £12,000 – well done to all the teams that took part.

Battling it out on the track

The guys had a really great race in the heats last week and our ace driver, Tash Greenhalgh, clinched the win in the last few minutes of the race (see Race Report at end).

Team R M Labels (from left to right: Tash, Stefan, Bob and Ash) plus our lucky mascot, Stef’s adorable son, Logan!

Sunday was the grand final with R M Labels finishing in a very respectable fourth place – well done guys, a great race for a brilliant cause.

Below is the Race Report from R M Labels winning heat!

The Heat Leader Board

West Wales Karting – Heats Race Report

What a fantastic night of racing for Leisure Night of the Paul Sartori Challenge, with a massive £1,562.62, taking our total raised so far to a £5,641.06

RM Labels started on pole position and held a small early lead ahead of Pembrokeshire Wakepark, with Pure West Radio just behind and keeping the leaders in sight for the first part of the race.
Bluestone 1 were able to take the lead after the first round of pit stops with a perfectly executed undercut whilst RM battled through the traffic.

The Bush Inn fought for every inch of the track through the race and came home in 7th place, getting in the mix throughout.
Bluestone 2 kept their noses clean, and came home in 6th place while making sure to hold their own in the on track battles.

Folly Farm came home in 5th place with the joint fastest lap of the race, finishing just 8 seconds behind Pembrokeshire Wakepark and could have been in 4th if not for a trip into the barriers midway through the race.

Pure West Radio were a strong 3rd with their second podium in two years, finishing 3 laps behind 1st and 2nd.

But out front it was nail biting stuff throughout, with Bluestone 1 holding a strong lead of just under a lap ahead of RM Labels, despite a time penalty. That gap was then reduced to 10 seconds with just 8 minutes to go, before an incident trying to get through traffic cut the gap to half a second with 3 minutes remaining! Then with just two laps remaining RM Labels took the opportunity to pass for the lead and took the win by just 3.5 seconds, leaving Bluestone 1 to finish second for the 3rd year in succession!

Massive thanks to everyone who took part and supported the event this evening and donated to The Paul Sartori Foundation!
We will be hitting the track tomorrow night with Construction Night, where another 9 teams will take to the track once again!

Heat Night – R M Labels take centre stage on the podium!

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New Product Range – Plasterboard Marking Tapes

Plasterboard Marking Tape
Plasterboard Tapes

A quick and easy way to mark up your plasterboard. Choose from 48mm wide Double Board, Moisture Board, Fire Board and Insulation tapes, or Solid Dabs which is 72mm wide. All tapes are 66 metres long and made from a light weight acrylic tape suitable for short term use.

Click here to view the tapes

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Identifying Pipework Containing Water

A quick reminder of how to mark up pipework containing water to the latest British Standard BS1710:2014 full banding guidelines:

The Colours

The basic identification colour for water is Green 12-D-45

For water from the public water supply the centre code colour is Auxiliary Blue 18-E-53 or for water from any other source the centre colour colour is Flint Grey 00-A-09

Examples of Banding Colours for Pipework containing Water

If the water is non potable (not suitable for drinking) the safety colour required is an additional black 00-E-53 central band

The Sizes

The minimum band widths are:

Pipework diameters up to 50mm (incuding any lagging)

Basic Identification colour: 50mm

Code or Safety colours: 30mm

Pipework diameters from 50mm to 100mm (including any lagging)

Basic Identification colour: 100mm

Code or Safety colours: 75mm

Pipework diameters above 100mm (including any lagging)

Basic Identification colour: 150mm

Code or Safety colours: 150mm

This is just a guideline and you should always refer to the full BSI Standards Publication BS1710 Specification for identification of pipelines and services for information on the full requirements.

We have a range of products that comply with the BS 1710 2014 specification:

Pipe Banding

R M Labels Full Colour Banding for Water Pipework

Pipe Identification Tapes

Pipe Identification Tapes

Pipe Markers

Pipe Markers to BS 1710 2014

If you have any questions regarding any of our products or wish to discuss your requirements, we are always happy to help! You can contact us on 01348 840 675 or your can email us at

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Why We Use A Traffolyte Hard Engraving Laminate

There are many different types of engraving laminate available on the market, but for all mechanical, electrical and building services uses we recommend using the Traffolyte hard engraving laminate.

We always use this hard engraving laminate when producing all of our engraved labels, tags and discs. This material can only be engraved using a rotary engraving machine and cannot be laser engraved.

Available in 1.5mm and 3mm thicknesses, the material is described as a 3 ply rigid or hard laminate (also known as Traffolyte, Ivorine or Formica).

The hard laminate comes in a variety of 3 ply colours. As an example, when using a white/black/white hard laminate, the top white layer is engraved into to reveal the centre or middle black core, so creating black lettering on a white background.

Have a look at the short video below to see why it is imperative to use this material:

View our full range of Engraved Traffolyte Products

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